About us

Company Profile: The goal

The business world is ever more complex nowadays. Under these circumstances, Chung-Lian business administration provides a good service in relation to the areas of the ISO identification, CE certification, governmental projects, automation, management, finance, innovation, marketing, skill, special purpose trainings. Our aim is to be the strongest of the supports by which you achieve your aims.With this objective in mind, we are at your disposal and offer you a dynamic, effective customer service carried out by a highly qualified team. Please give us an opportunity and we will try the best we can to meet your needs.


Prospective Development

The promotion and consultation of both fields of industry and academy.The governmental projects of cross-strait.


Our orientation and mission

Orientation: The instrument of the business of managing, international identification consulting, and skill guidance
•  Partnership
•  Innovation
•  Service
•  Trust

Value and vision

Jhong-Lian wishes to become the best partner of our clients!